Stunning Porches to Enhance Your Home

Add value and security to your home with a porch from Meadow Hill Construction. A stylish porch will enhance the appearance of your home, adding value to your property, as well as deterring intruders, and also helping to keep your home insulated from the cold weather. We offer a wide selection of designs and styles to suit your needs and your budget.


A porch is a great way to add character, value, and visual impact to your property. Whether you opt for a sleek, contemporary design, or something more traditional, a porch will provide the perfect entrance from which to greet and welcome visitors to your home. Porches also provide you with extra useable space, and are ideal for storing shoes, umbrellas, overcoats, and pushchairs, freeing up space within your house. A double glazed porch will also provide extra insulation for your home, making it more energy efficient. A surprising amount of heat is lost from your home through the letterbox and keyholes; keep your home warmer with a stylish porch from Meadow Hill Construction.

Planning Permission

In most cases the addition of a porch to your home is recognised as a permitted development by the Local Planning Authority, which means you won’t require planning permission. In order for a porch to be recognised as a permitted development it must meet several criteria: a) the ground floor area, when measured externally, would not exceed three square metres; b) no part of the porch would sit more than three metres above ground level; and c) no part of the porch would be within two metres of either the dwellinghouse or the highway. The permitted development criteria described here apply only to houses and not to other buildings including flats, maisonettes, converted houses, and properties in areas where a planning condition such as Article 4 Direction places restrictions on building extensions.

Building Permission

Building a new porch on your property will typically be exempt from building regulations, unless it falls outside of certain criteria. If the porch is built at ground level, measures less than thirty square metres, doesn’t have an adverse affect on any ramped or levelled access for disabled people, and is in keeping with the original front entrance of the property then you will usually be able to build it without the need to obtain permission from the building regulations authority. The glazing in the porch, and any fixed electrical installations, must also comply with the appropriate building regulations.